Saturday, March 29, 2014

Melville Shoe Corporation Warehouse and Office, Hammond Street

The Exquisite Mosaic Mural Above the Entrance of the Former Offices of the Melville Shoe Corporation at 44 Hammond Street


  1. This is my absolute favorite! Thank you!

    1. Nicole, I'm so sorry I overlooked your comment until now. You are very welcome, I really do love this mosaic!

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  3. I drove past this today! I sometimes drive past this area and I always notice the delapitated buildings, but today I took more notice than usual as my husband was driving and we were stopped right in front of this. I looked over "Melville Shoe Company" and then my eyes went up and WOW! I was amazed. I plan on taking my own photo next time I pass by. They're trying to re-gentrify that whole area so I better go soon.